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Set in Brisbane, Australia, this is the exciting first book in a new Urban Fantasy series that will have you hooked immediately.


On the evening of her 25th birthday, Isolde's life couldn't be more perfect. Set to marry the love of her life and get everything she has dreamed of for herself, the last thing she expected was to have a stranger step into her life and turn it upside down.

But when tragedy strikes and her world falls apart, she discovers that everything she believed about herself and the world is in fact, an illusion. Dark forces truly do exist, and her destiny is to become a beacon of light in the darkness.

Now, she must harness the powers that are slowly unravelling within her, with the help of the Order she was destined to be a part of from birth, and guided by a man who has secrets of his own. 

Now available via ebook and paperback - links below and signed paperbacks available in my store 

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The excitement continues in the next instalment of the Order of the Dragon, the Urban Fantasy series set in Brisbane, Australia.


What do you do when the people you thought you could trust aren't as honest as you thought they were?

Isolde has awoken to a completely different world. She is forced to make some tough decisions as she is exposed to the blood memories of those she thought she knew everything about.

As she meets people from her lover's past and learns more about his twin brother who he has been at war with for centuries, she begins to question everything and is slowly learning that the world of good and evil isn't quite as black and white as she'd once believed.

Now available via ebook and paperback - links below and signed paperbacks available in my store 

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Phoenix Rising Kindle_edited.jpg

The third instalment of the heart stopping Urban Fantasy series set in Brisbane, Australia.


Having finally come into the powers that were foretold, Isolde is now faced with the task of ending the vampire war that has raged for thousands of years.

But the prophecy said that her vampire lover was meant to be at her side, and he is nowhere to be found after discovering her mixed feelings towards his twin brother. The twin brother that turned out to be not quite as evil as everyone has believed for the last five hundred years.

Torn between her duty and her need to make things right with Liam, Isolde must now make some of the toughest choices she has ever faced, and face down the twin sister she hoped never to see again.

But will she be able to make the final sacrifice and save humanity without losing herself in the process?

Now available via ebook and paperback - links below and signed paperbacks available in my store 

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Following a humiliating break-up, Brianna returns home to Brisbane with her little dog, feeling like a shadow of her former self. But living with her parents again isn't ideal, and her sister is determined to get her to socialise with their old friends on her first night back. Despite wanting to stay home and wallow, she instead comes face to face with her old high school crush, who is looking even better five years later.

Having spent several years working for his father in rural Queensland, Jake wins a luxury apartment back in Brisbane, the city he grew up in and where the friends he loves are all busy getting on with their lives. But when his best friend's little sister, Brianna—the girl he had secretly loved from afar in high school—returns and needs a place to stay, he doesn’t think twice about offering her the apartment under one condition: let him stay whenever he’s in town.

After picking up their friendship like no time has passed, being back in each other's lives has them questioning what they really want from life and love while dealing with overprotective friends and family, and begs the question - does friends-with-benefits ever truly work?

Set in Brisbane, Australia, The Winning Ticket is the first book in the Circle of Friends series, a series of interconnected stand alone novels following the lives and loves of a group of friends as they navigate through their mid-twenties and thirties, finding love and themselves along the way

Coming 30 June 2024

Available to pre-order paperback in my store 


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