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Why Self Publishing

People have asked me why I chose to go down this path instead of attempting the traditional publishing path. Because that was always the dream, get the lucrative publishing deal with the big advance and boom! you're the next JK Rowling.

Something I have learnt in recent years is that traditional publishing has changed so much and the power is now in the writer's hands, more so than with the publishers. I have complete control over every aspect of my business this way, because it is a business, and it's forcing me out of my comfort zone.

I have never been one to put myself out there or take an interest in trying to sell things. Although I've been in customer service my entire adult life, I have no drive to "sell". You can ask my colleagues - when I've had to go to events, I will not jump out at people, I figure if people want something, they'll come to me. But now I have to push past that because in order to get the word out about the book (and the ones to follow), I need to actually tell people about it! And this is something that even traditionally published authors have to do. Yes, if I were to go down the traditional path, I would have access to editors, publicists, cover designers, some marketing... But I wouldn't own my book. And even if I were to go down that path, there is still no guarantee my book would sell.

By self-publishing, I set all the deadlines. I have a full say in everything that I put out there. And my Type-A personality needs to be in control lol.

Every podcast I've been listening to has shown that the days of traditional publishing are waning. And I can't wait to grow my business and prove to myself that I can do this!

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