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Welcome! Get to know Allison A. Andrews

So, I thought I would start a little blog to go along with my website, as I delve into this crazy and exciting new world of being an Indie Author.

Back in 2010, I started writing a scene about a woman who was attacked by a vampire late at night, pulling her from her car... What started as a little creative writing project for myself slowly became something more, and I started to look into how I could become a published author.

I don't quite remember how it happened now, but a vanity publisher got a hold of my phone number, and I was soon dazzled by all sorts of packages that could see my little book skyrocket and I could see it made into a movie, tv show, and all for a nifty price of about $3,000.

I soon learnt that this company preyed on the naivety of those who didn't understand the industry. After many months of trying to peddle my little, poorly edited book that was set at a ridiculous price in all the online stores, I realised that I had been taken for a ride, and all my hopes and dreams to become an author crashed down around me. I was left with nothing much to show for it except for boxes and boxes of a book that I now hated and had no way of selling. I considered burning them all.

To add insult to injury, that vanity publisher also shared my contact details with every single rip-merchant "advertising" agency out there and I am STILL sending every call from unknown callers to voicemail and sending many many emails to spam, 12 years later.

But, the environment has changed drastically in the indie author space in the past 12 years, and with a lot more life experience under my belt, I decided that these characters still deserved to have their story told. The story is just too exciting to remain in my head alone, and I knew now was the time to try again. This time, I am going into it with my eyes wide open, and have invested my time and a little money in educating myself in the proper ways to do this myself.

With that in mind, I have decided that along with writing these stories (I have plans for several different series in both the Urban Fantasy and Romance spaces), I am going to blog about what I'm learning along the way. I've already had a few people ask me questions on Instagram about getting started, so I thought it might be helpful to share my experiences as I go for others who are also starting out.

As my career in the corporate world is quite demanding, I am currently attempting to get my writing career off the ground whilst juggling work, being a parent and also being a wife who is present in her marriage. I had always marvelled at people who were so driven by their passion to get their own businesses off the ground but never thought I would become one!

I am getting ready to publish my debut novel (having completely updated and expanded on the original novel I wrote in 2010), and am learning new things each day, so I will be posting along the way! Feel free to message me, follow me on instagram or facebook, if you are interested in coming on this journey with me.

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